Remote Home Appliance Mobile App

UI | UX Reserach | PrototypeNOVEMBER 2019

Context Research

Domotics is becoming more and more important also in the life of the middle-class italian. I use Alexa everyday to talk with smart lights in my house. In this case the theme was less wide, home appliances were the focus.
The trend appeared to be increasing for the high-end products, which are the ones that comes with a connection, from companies like Nepresso, Candy, ecc. which also provide branded apps to manage the appliances.

Use Case & Features

My task was to "create a mobile app to manage the IoT ecosystem of smart home appliances in the kitchen: fridge, hoven, dishawaher".
So the objectives were to make the technology being used by all the people buying the products but also to attract new user thanks to the new features and the overall experience offered. 

Preconditions: having at least one smart home appliance.

Stakeholder: Siemens, multinational company with a wide range of appliances products and accessories.

Actor: 35-40 years old man which follows tech trends.

Trigger: set-up of appliance and downloading the app after reading some features on the instruction manual.

Wireframes and UI

I believe that the clean and clear UI that came out reflects the purpose of the app: encourage the use of smart home appliances and that he respects the decision made during design thinking and UX research. 
As you can see, the brand is totally inspired by Siemens and I decided to add some micro-interactions to speed up the info retrieving like long press on home widgets and quick actions in detail page.