Baum - AR Platform

UI | UX Reserach | PrototypeAPRIL, 2019

Like every great idea, Buam was born from a question and from personal experience…
"Do we make the most out of the AR technology potential?”
And the answer was “meh”.

We realized as users that AR apps were throwaway and there was no use of this kind of experience that was able to make the user return over time. Where was the problem?
We talked to users but mostly to the creators of the experiences and there we discovered a big gap between the 3D artists that are designing these contents and the technology itself. No artists had the technical knowledge to create an app to show his works in AR neither small and medium design companies had the economical means to hire someone to do it.

That is where comes Baum.

With Baum you can implement Augmented Reality Experiences easily and share them with a community of creators and enthusiasts. 

Social First

The base on which our platform is build is a social structure that allows the creation of a community made by creators that showcases their works, and people that are experiencing their creations in the real world space.

Implement AR in a tap

Baum introduces a real change: the creator overcomes every technical hurdle and the uploading experience is made simple and quick. Artist or studios only need a 3D model to upload, and then they can create a post about it with title, description and an eventual call-to-action.