Hi there.

My name is Carolina, but call me                     .
I’m a Digital Designer and Creative Writer based in Italy.

Human mind has always fascinated me, and studying psychology, sociology and anthropology gave me the instruments to look closer to our society and understand the human thinking. And I believe art, from painting to cinema, is the most perfect form of human expression.

contemporary philosophy, mass media studies and everything about digital culture, from technology to modern trends, were my daily bread at university. I also became an editor of an Italian magazine, La Testata, where I can express all of this.

I put my knowledge into practice working in team to ideate and craft new experiences for the user. Between business, design and code i followed my path: UI/UX and Interaction Design became something I had the knowledge and techincal skills to deal with. Also won a WWDC Scolarhip.

Get to know me better.

I like travelling,
I need music,
I enjoy food.